CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF is not a race to be forgotten. The EXTREME category was consciously designed from the beginning as the hardest ATV race in Europe and possibly worldwide. Machine and racers are taken to their limits, of what is drivable and of physical exhaustion caused by technical driving. In honor of the solitary wolf this competition was transformed into an individual race, in which everyone can and has to give it all – alone. Sometimes collegiality and support from other wolfs are helpful during the HUNT, but every hunter starts and finishes by himself. And he must be cunning as a wolf: who launches with too much enthusiasm gets lost in the forest and quickly remains stuck into a special test. Only orientation and stamina, killer instinct and winning spirit, prudence and reason unified with respect, aggressiveness and of course the perfect mastery of the vehicle make up the winner – over all winners: all those who reach the finish.


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