If you want to see, if the HUNT-THE-WOLF university is the right thing for you, take this taster:
2 days long we will take you to your personal driving skill limits, for you to understand what you are going to expect – if you go for higher degrees.
Max. 6 pilots,
500 € total group cost.


In 4 days you will lay the headstone for becoming an experienced, fast and enduring ATV-pilot with great orientation skills. You will have to pass an examen: the fast leading of a demanding CROSSOVER race track. We will set a time to beat!
Max. 4/5 pilots,
800/1000 € total group cost.


You know GPS? You have orientation? You know how to be fast on demanding CROSSOVER tracks? OK then: you got 4 days to become a Master. 1st day: show what you can! 2nd-3rd day: lets go EXTREME! 4th day: take your examen. You will have to lead a demanding EXTREME race track, and you will have to do it in a certain given time.
Max 3 pilots,
1000 € total group cost.


You are a Master?  Become a doctor! 3 days of long EXTREME tracks. No day less then 4 hours driving time in full speed. Time limit given. As a doctor you NEVER complain, you never curse, you never show weakness. You always know where to go, you know how to teach others.
Max. 3 pilots, and if one of you stays behind, we will not wait for you! You know how to help yourself.
1000 € total group cost.


As  final academical work you must find, estimate and open at least 2 totally new EXTREME sections. And be faster then us on any track! At a certain point a good student must overpass his Master. Do so!  2 days,
max. 2 pilots,
800 € total group cost.