In 2007 Authentic-Spirit, Foxracing and Primul-ATV-Magazin were the firms which by their financial support made the realization of this ATV/Quad event possible in Romania. Behind the firms 2 men: Mihai Concioiu and Oliver Renzler. Both are successful ATV racing pilots, both struggled hard to make HUNT-THE-WOLF an innovative, extreme and fair competition. Mihai is from Cluj-Napoca and has a great desire to create, while Oliver is from Südtirol/Italian Alps, where the mountains give him the strength for all wild and extreme activities – like HUNT-THE-WOLF. In 2014 CFMOTO entered as main sponsor, and in 2016 the 10th edition was celebrated. The first 5 years the event took place right next to Cluj-Napoca, followed by 5 years in the Baisoara mountains. In 2017 the event moved again – to a new hunting territory, not far from Cluj-Napoca.