GPS: Every team has to register its track by GPS. This can be done by Smart-phone-app: best for Apple “motionX”, best for Android “alpenvereinaktiv”. The GPS track must show track from start at base to finish at base. ONE track per team must be sent to organizer by mail or whatsapp at arrival.
You will get printed google earth area maps showing:
(1) approach and return track from base to (red) “open area” and back (yellow) to base
(2) “open area”, green, where wolves are to be found;
(3) “special no speed areas”, lila, speed limit is strictly 50 km/h as EVERYWHERE outside the GREEN “open areas”.
(1) GPS-tracks: whenever given ADVENTURE teams MUST follow the given red and yellow GPS-track to get to and come back from the “open area”. Tracks must be followed from beginning to end, in correct direction. Tracks will be sent by mail/whatsapp to racers the morning before the start. As in the other classes there is a 100 m tolerance left and right of the GPS track. If a recorded team track leaves the 100 m tolerance area without getting back into it before or at exit point, the team gets disqualified for the day (yellow card). If this happens a second time (another day), the team is disqualified from the race (red card).
(2) “open area”: inside the GREEN “open area” you will find all wolves and you can do whatever you want. ALL areas OUTSIDE the green area are OFF-LIMITS until you reached the last wolf. All wolves reached after exiting “open area” and not returning to “open area” at same spot (100 m tolerance) will not count. If a team-member re-enters “open area” at different spot, all later wolves will not count.
(3) “special no speed areas”, LILA areas can be crossed, but speed must be less then 50 km/h. Your GPS-track will record the speed, which will be checked randomly by organizer. For every km/h over the speed limit inside speed limited areas (measured on any 500 to 1km section average), teams gets 5 points penalty. If a team member is over 20 km/h over the speed limit on ANY speed limited section no matter in what area, the full team will be completely disqualified.
Teams still have to reach “wolves”, have to take pictures with all members and send sms from each wolf. Race day time calculation ends at last wolf, but any given GPS track home must be registered and GPS track rules are valid until base.
Winner is how finds more wolves in shorter time. The reaching of the wolves is checked by pictures and GPS-track registered.