1.  Radu Lungu (RO)
  2.  Mihai Concioiu (RO)
  3.  Steve Atkins (UK)


  1.  Emil Szarvas (HU)
  2.  Tomas Kaubrys (LT)
  3.  Paulius Vaisneideris (LT)


  1.  Matis Petri(IT), Flavio Andreucci/Elia Guazzini (IT), Matteo Lardori/Val. Biancucci(IT)
  2.  Sven Uhlrich/Michael Escher(DE)
  3.  Dan Slavescu (RO)




  1.  Radu Lungu (RO)
  2.  Magnus Lindeberg
  3.  Felix Baltz


  1.  Szabo Gergo
  2.  Andrejs Brehovs
  3.  Nicchi Velso


  1.  Aleksander Mazurkiewicz (PL)
  2.  Jakub Sliwa (PL)
  3.  Emil Szarvas (HU)


  1.  Jan-Rudolf Patsch (DE), Waldemar Weichel (DE), Mike Rehberg (DE)
  2.  Siggi Schussler (DE), Norbert Bentenrieder (DE), Stefan Tittler (DE)
  3.  Alexandru Varjan (RO), Alecsandru Ile (RO)

Night race:

  1.  EXTREME Pilot: Mihai Concioiu
  2.  EXTREME Pilot: Jakub Jedras
  3.  CROSSOVER Pilot: Calle Elver



  1.  Saska Pavel (CZ)
  2.  Rick Cecco (US)
  3.  Dan Condre (RO)


  1.  Robert Kiss, Heca (HU)
  2.  Aleksander Mazurkievicz, Silezian Riders (PL)
  3.  Liviu Bereteu (RO)


  1.  Jan-Rudolf Patsch (DE), Andrej Meier (DE), Mike Rehberg (DE)
  2.  Ursula Unger (DE), Gerhard Kovarik (DE)
  3.  Silezian Riders (Pawel Sliwa, Marek Sliwa) (PL)




All wolves caught in CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF-2014

This year the Romanian hunters got it all in the world’s most challenging ATV/Quad-race.

The hunters are now home in their eight European nations. In 66 they came to measure themselves in this 8th edition CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF. Surrounded by the beautiful rough landscape of Transylvania’s Apuseni mountains, start was given on five days around May 1st. In three classes, differing in difficulty, mainly ATV- but also Quad and Side-by-Side pilots, enjoyed fantastic off-road up- and downhill’s, rivers and mountains, forests, valleys and high alpine meadows. Tracks to follow, given by GPS, are mandatory in EXTREME and CROSSOVER; ADVENTURE riders pick their own way to the “wolves”.

Rain, hail, many rollovers and a successful helicopter rescue flavored this years event, before this world’s most challenging ATV-race was decided on the last day only. All first positions were conquered by Romanian riders, followed by pilots from Czech, Austria, Poland and Germany on the steps.

HUNT-THE-WOLF’s main partner CFMOTO flew in from China to attend the race in loco and was clearly pleased by the course of the event organized since its existence by the Romanian CFMOTO-distributor Authentic-Spirit. The 10.000 Euro award luring to any CFMOTO driver winning in EXTREME could not be captured, but for 2015th edition – who knows – CFMOTO might increase to 20.000 Euro…


  1.  Radu Lungu (RO)
  2.  Szabo Mihaly (RO)
  3.  Saska Pavel (CZ)


  1.  Slavescu Dan Alexandru (RO)
  2.  Kovarik Gerhard (AT)
  3.  Śliwa Jakub (PL)


  1.  Team 65 (Dodu Ion, Varjan Alexandru, Ile Alexandru) (RO)
  2.  Team 41 (Dreher Wolfgang, Morawski Marcin) (AT-PL)
  3.  Team 68 (Nicchi Velso, Geißler Daniel) (IT-DE)


By its seventh edition the coolest ATV/Quad event in Europe has achieved a satisfaction that can not be beat. Nearly 80 pilots from 10 nations enjoyed four fantastic days of racing in Baisoara, in the beautiful Transylvania, searching for best path in ADVENTURE or fighting along the difficult tracks in EXTREME. Winners were, as always, all – simply because of the landscape and the race atmosphere. Clearly proud were all who made it to the final finish on the fourth day, and then stood on the podium in both categories, those in ADVENTURE with the best nose and those in EXTREME with the best overall tactics, best skill and yes – greatest courage!


  1. Pavel Saska, CZ
  2. Mihai Lazaroaie, RO
  3. Mihaly Szabo, RO
  4. Micek Michal, CZ


  1.  (9) Cadariu, Iuga, RO
  2.  (12) Marin, Cindea, Epure, RO
  3.  (10) Mann, Zuberbühler AT-CH




A new location in the real mountains of Baisoara, more racing days, new rules and more international riders then ever before – this and much more made up HUNT-THE-WOLF-12. ATV/Quad/UTV was split into 2 classes, EXTREME for the tough ones, ADVENTURE for all, and there was the newly introduced Enduro classes, which unfortunatly had to be cancelled because of too little participants. But in ATV racing the fun was 100%, with a totally new racing mode in the easy class, enjoyable by everybody as 68 year old riders proofed, and the really, really hard mandatory tracks in EXTRME, where more distroyed ATVs had to be taken out of the forests then ever before. Riders from Germany and Romania were finally the winners, and now counting the days until the WOLF calls again for them in 2013!


  1.  Albert Hommel and Daniel Kastner – Germany
  2.  Mihai Lazaroaie and Radu Lungu – Romania
  3.  Boss Stefan – Switzerland


1. Team no. 2 – Romania

  1. Nica Iuga
  2. Cristian Ilici

2. Team no. 1 – Romania

  1. Adrian Chiujdea
  2. Emil Cadariu
  3. Ciprian Todea

3. Team no. 3 – Romania

  1. Raul Badea
  2. Ion Dodu
  3. Alecsandru Ile


  1.  Andrei Timofte – Romania




The fifth edition of HUNT-THE-WOLF-2011 ended. Four days of hard fight, four days of offroad, four days of spectacular tracks in the heart of Transylvania.

43 pilots took start in 4 different categories (ATV Extreme, ATV Open, Quad and Side-by-Side) in the most challenging ATV race all over Europe. Only half of them came to the start line at the trial from the last day. The technical problems, little accidents, but also the rule imposed by the organizers to not give penalties higher than one hour to any racer in one day made the fight to be open until the end of trial from Saturday.

The most spectacular category was ATV Open. Young riders, but also veterans fought with daring and pushed to the extreme ambition to win the first place of the most respected race. The surprise was that places 1st and 3rd were occupied by Tudor Rus and Alex Gliga, beginners who came to their first race and surpassed racers with years of experience. The second place was occupied by Sever Chiujdea who at only 17 years old made quite a sensation also in the trial and in the forest on the seat of his super-tuned Polaris.

Crying and full of anger all three winners and others looked helpless when their ATVs were lying broken and waiting for the second when they will start again in the rage of the race. Respect for those young LIONS and for their well deserved places.

In Extreme on the first day Mihai Lazaroaie, one of the favorites in the competition and second place last year, abandoned when because of a mistake in a special track he rolled over his ATV into a 30 meters canyon. Bad luck and mistakes fallowed also Mihaly Szabo, one of the best Romanian pilots who didn’t succeed again in winning HUNT-THE-WOLF after his Renegade rolled over and his engine broke in the last kilometers of day 2 and 3. In the end he had to accept place 3, a few minutes in front of Petre Stanescu, another pilot who begin the race with technical problems after the special track of the first day.

The second place was won by Felix Balz, this year the most constant rider, a pilot who trains one year long wherever he can in a very restrictive offroad Germany so he can race in his favorite competition, HUNT-THE-WOLF.

The first place was won by the Slovak Rado Bubenko, maybe the most positive racer. Never upset on any situation, all the time ready to help others with technical problems, but in the same time very fast, he succeeded to surpass Felix with 3 minutes until the trial. The very fast Mihaly Szabo commented Rado’s driving during a checkpoint stop perplex: “This guy is so fast, almost crazy! He passed me on fast sections. I am REALLY surprised!” When Oliver Renzler later told this to Rado, the always modest winner said laughing: “And I did not even empty my exhaust…”

In Quads Razvan Irimescu won the race. The two Slovenians who raced, Alojzij Pirih and Ales Kavcic, had a very commendable participation, especially Pirih who finished the trial very close to Irimescu and at a great distance from Sebastian Bodea, although he was driving a stock LTZ 400, an inferior vehicle to the other pilots.

The surprise was Cosmin Sorban who surpassed Sebastian Bodea on the trial with one second, in the general classification getting the third place.

For Side-by-Side category Nicchi Velso won without any problems against the two Commanders. As usual Velso was the salt and the pepper of the race being the only pilot who raced in all 5 editions of HUNT-THE-WOLF, being part of the spirit of this unique race.

Best Hunter:

  1. Giuclea George Dan

ATV extreme

  1. Radoslav Bubenko – 14:47:03
  2. Balz Felix – 14:53:19
  3. Szabo Mihaly – 15:22:16


  1. Rus Tudor – 13:06:57
  2. Chiujdea Sever – 13:42:54
  3. Gliga Alex – 14:41:12


  1. Irimescu Razvan – 11:59:22
  2. Bodea Sebastian – 12:36:06
  3. Sorban Cosmin – 12:36:13


  1. Nicchi Velso


Transylvania: in dark forests and deep canyons

HUNT-THE-WOLF-2010 enthuses racers and visitors

The wolfs are killed, the hunters happy. After 2 days and one night hunt the ATV-chase in and around Cluj-Napoca in the Romanian Transylvania found a glorious end – without injuries or major damages. The most wanted trophy was deservedly conquered by the enduro-experienced Jaroslav Katrinak from Slovakia, who  enthusiastically speaks about the most difficult ATV-race of his career.

The first of the 50 racers arrived at the meeting area of the organizing company Authentic-Spirit in Cluj-Napoca Wednesday before the race-weekend. A free How-to-use-GPS training was scheduled in the nearby forest. Despite heavy rain some participants did wisely not renounce at this training, since ATV-races in the open hills of Romania are always an orientation challenge as well. Especially at HUNT-THE-WOLF-2010: because of environmental and organization issues no material markers where used along the tracks, and especially during the night race competitors without any GPS experience have a hard time to move around in the dark forest…

Thursday night, during the last preparations, the racers from Germany, Slovak Republic, Austria and the more remote cities of Romania arrived. At the meeting point in front of the biggest shopping mall of Transylvania every year guarded parking, paddocks, ATV-cleaning opportunities are put to be at every bodies disposal, inside and near  the mall shopping, food, pharmacies, doctors, repair shops, etc. make life of racers and companions easy. And here, on the outskirts and directly in front of the huge mall the organizers created a much more technical trial track then the previous year, including tires to jump, logs, rocks, jumps, labyrinth. The free training began, first repairs became necessary. Three mechanics were at every bodies disposal around the clock from Thursday night until Sunday morning – nobody should been forced to drive home early because of minor necessary repairs.

Friday evening the rain finally stops. In 4 categories ATV Extreme, ATV Open, Quad, UTV go for the start on the first spectacular trial. 20 drivers in Extreme, 24 in Open, 3 Quads, 2 UTV. In each category all start at same time, the track becoming narrow and passing a thrill. It takes the fastest less than 2 minutes for the “most difficult trial track” later winner Katrinak was on. Five rounds for Extreme, 4 for Open, 3 for all others. Then hands are trembling, shaking. Great atmosphere, audience and sponsors are enthusiastic, the media happy because of all the action. The best show gives the Italian Nicchi Velso with its Polaris Side-by-Side. Where Velso races, vibes are on!

All are already tired, but there comes the call for the night-hunt! Just half an hour after the trial all participants must follow a “hound” (on 4 wheels) across dark hills and forests to a meadow 6 km away. The headlights of 65 ATVs create an endless line of lights in the black night, in a distance only the lights of the 500.000 inhabitant city twinkle far away. Then start every 10 seconds. Nine virtual GPS-“wolf”-points must be approached up to a minimum of 40 meters. None is to be missed. On some square kilometers headlights whir across the forest. Mud, ditches, valleys, trees, rocks obstacle the way. After 1 h and 10 min the first “hunters” arrive at finish. Are they the winners? Only hours later, after the GPS-data have been checked to see who missed what “wolf”,  the winners are established: it was not the first at the finish. He had missed 1 wolf…

After a good night’s sleep training begins at 9 am, 2 hours before the last trial session takes place until 1 pm. With a few seconds advantage Mihai Lazaroiaie from Sibiu wins it in front of Jaroslav Katrinak. At 2 pm all start for the forests. For all 4 categories separate tracks are established, all between 50 and 100 km long. Track maker Oliver Renzler of the Authentic-Spirit-Racing-Team combined during weeks of work the most beautiful tracks , taking care to find the best for each category, taking into consideration private property, the beauty of the landscape, the possible jamming in special stages, and changing weather conditions. The tracks were finally joined on the PC and prepared for the download to the GPS devices. Main goal was to keep HUNT-THE-WOLF the most difficult ATV race in Europe in the category Extreme and to find the right mixture of difficulty, speed and beauty for the other ones.

The first are since long in the finish area when this race day ends at 6.30 pm Saturday. All not reached way points after that hour count as missed, entrance in special stages are not allowed anymore. Nobody wants to come too late to the great dinner in a classy hotel nearby, offered by the organizers. Also the organizers don’t want to get there late…

After that the GPS data’s are checked until 2 am, while the pilots are sleeping. Briefing again at 8.30 am, and the results are ready: the time differences are little, in Open very little. In that category 10 pilots are only minutes away from each other. In Extreme 4 riders can still win.

Sunday, mmediately after the briefing it is time for the forests, starting order is given according to the general classification, start is every 30 seconds. The few quads and UTVs are missing somehow the competition, but are anyway enjoying the fantastic hilly vernal country of Transylvania. Today the special stages are even harder then Saturday. While the day before wild, photogenic, narrow canyons had to be driven through, the challenge today is given by rocky creeks, huge logs, sideway positions, up- and downhills which request all the skills of the drivers in Extreme. In Open the stages are less demanding, but clearly the wheat gets separated  from the chaff.

The checking of the GPS data postpones the distribution of prizes to 6 pm. But the winners are then real winners. Dan Siminie from Sibiu wins Open, motor-bike pro rider Jaroslav Katrinak from Slovakia wins Extreme. Also the organizers are happy: nobody got hurt, no big damages were caused, all are happy. 2011 the wolf will howl again!

All infos, the classifying, pictures, movies and other infos to the event can be checked also in English on: www.hunt-the-wolf.com. The race is part of the Romanian-Hard-Enduro-Championship, organized by the only professional ATV magazine in Romania Primul-ATV-Magazin, which considers the 5 races in Romania with most participants. For details in English as well see www.primul-atv-magazin.ro/cupa.


best night racer:

Bogdan Blajan


  1.  Sandor Csibi
  2.  Velso Nicchi


  1.  Sebastian Bodea
  2.  Adrian Dib
  3.  Cosmin Sorban


  1.  Dan Siminie
  2.  Moga Ioan
  3.  Viorel Mocan


  1.  Iaroslav Katrinak
  2.  Mihai Lăzăroaie
  3.  Laszlo Nyaradi
  4.  Mihaly Szabo
  5.  Angelescu Bogdan


To open the race season with the race of the races, the term for HUNT-THE-WOLF competition was set on 10th-12th of April. Successful: the weather was beautiful for the first time and despite the economical crisis 51 pilots from Romania, Germany, Italy and Slovakia came to participate at the race. Once again there have been some new features for this special event: Can-Am entered as a main sponsor of the race, a part of the trial has been displaced in the town, in front of the largest shopping center in Transylvania, in addition for the first time there have been introduced four different categories: besides ATV – EXTREM also ATVs – OPEN, Quad and SIDE by SIDE – all with their own trails in the surrounding forests of Cluj-Napoca. Special trials challenged both beginners and professionals, whereas the routes were noted as being less technical than those in 2008. The other categories permitted a speedy driving, although in the Quad category the Romanian master Razvan Irimescu didn’t leave anyone a chance. Sunday afternoon ended the third edition without serious injury and due to the GPS records, after a clear classification, the award show could take place.



  1. Bogdan Angelescu, 10:59”, Can-Am Renegade 800, Turda
  2. Mihaly Szabo, 11:22”, Can-Am Renegade 800, Cluj-Napoca
  3. Viorel Mocanu, 15:40”, Suzuki Kingquad 750, Sibiu


  1. Dan Siminie, 10:50”, Can-Am Outlander 800XT
  2. Vlad Vaslin, 11:58”, Suzuki Kingquad 750
  3. Mihai Bajdechi, 13:10”, Suzuki King Quad 750


  1. Răzvan Irimescu, 4:30”, KTM 525, Timişoara
  2. Ticoş Daniel, 8:06”, Can-Am DS 450, Cluj-Napoca
  3. Buta Dan, 12:07”, KTM 525, Sibiu


  1. Lucian Man, CF Moto 500-3
  2. Wolfgang Roth, Arctic Cat Prowler 650

Night race:

  1. Team Mihai Lăzăroaie and Marius Coman, 53′
  2. Daniel Ticoş, 55′ 3. Team Viorel Mocanu and Dan Buta, 62′



The 2008 race was an important lesson for the organizers: to avoid the cold and wet days of November, the racing was scheduled a month earlier, on 3th – 5th October; the difficulties of orientation of the contestants were solved by the mandatory use of GPS-handhelds and the organizing company, Authentic-Spirit, was reinforced by Foxracing.ro and Primul-ATV-Magazin. In addition, the 34 competitors (now also German participants) were surprised by four innovations: first, there was no mandatory participation in a team; second, “hidden wolves” like virtual GPS points had to be overcome in the night as quickly as possible; in the third place on Saturday morning there was brought off for the first time in Romania a race on a trial, excavated specially for this purpose; fourth, for the first time in Romania there was launched the start on forests paths as a mass start. At the special test after short time the wheat from the chaff separated. At last, only three drivers have had opportunities to take the stage. And then the rain started at night, 24 hours non-stop. The routes have become battle fields, dry ditches became streams. But it was warm, the fight exciting and the awards – 600 euro for first place – were the highest than ever in Romania. Sunday afternoon were established the winners.


  1. Marius Nistorescu, Can-Am Renegade 800, Buşteni;;
  2. Mihaly Szabo, Can-Am Renegade 800, Cluj-Napoca;
  3. Petre Stănescu, Yamaha Grizzly 700, Bucureşti.

The best hunter in night race was: Mihai Lazaroaie, Yamaha Grizzly 700, Sibiu.




On 2. – 4. November 2007 the first 22 competitors heard the calling of the wolf. At the beginning the start was given to only one category: EXTREM, and only in teams. And it was indeed challenging and not to mess with. The highlights were night hunting with a frantic Quad from one hill to another through the dark forest, and then during the day driving throughout difficult canyons and downhill sites secured with ropes. Until the nightfall only a few managed to cover the entire route and all special tests. In the middle of the night has started a heavy rain, which held until the next cold morning of November. Exhausted by the previous day, the contestants and organizers decided to consider the result of Saturday as the final one and to finish the race earlier than planned. In a comfortable and warm environment took place the awards ceremony provided by the single organizer and sponsor: AUTHENTIC-SPIRIT.


  1. Velso Nicchi and George Brad, Can-Am Renegade 800 – Can-Am Outlander 800, Harghita – Cluj-Napoca;
  2. Marius Sergiu Rusu and Ioan Sebastian Rusu, Can-Am Renegade 800 – Yamaha Grizzly 700, both from Vatra Dornei
  3. Daniel Ticos and Bogdan Mag, both CFmoto 500, both from Cluj-Napoca

The best night-hunter of the race was: Marius Sergiu Rusu on Can-Am Renegade 800.