Motor races will never escape criticism for the negative influence on environment. This effect can however be minimized and this was from the beginning the goal that the organizers of CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF were trying to achieve. In the only professional magazine of ATV/Quad in Romania, Primul-ATV-Magazin, they regularly discussed topics as the waste of gas, noise, pollution, trash, driving behavior. The race itself takes place in carefully chosen areas, as insensitive as possible; areas traveled by humans and animals are widely avoided, all track-signs are removed and the inconvenience of noise and disturbance is compensated by collecting garbage in the forests and taking other preventive measures. Therefore the area, in which takes place the competition, is left cleaner than it was found. And other race organizers are asked for instance to stop the track marking by spray in the woods, or to remove any marks after the race. Finally, GPS usage devices became mandatory in CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF, not to need the track-markings, and severe time-penalties up to disqualification are ruled against respect less contaminators.