Vehicles allowed :ATV 4×4, Quad , SSV/UTV 4×4,
separate ranking for SSV/UTV. For Quad if more then 5 vehicles in the specific sub-class


Difficulty and driving time :for good riders. 100% off-road! Mandatory tracks to follow are difficult, narrow, steep down- and uphills, rocks, climbs and downhills, diagonal driving, high speed. Dangerous for not experienced riders. Days are 3-8 hours long! Slow racers might be slower!


Orientation by :  Orientation is given by GPS. You must bring a Garmin color GPS for track up- and download. Given tracks lead from start to finish and must be followed in given direction. You must follow them and not leave the given track for more then 100 m. If, after leaving the “tollerance 100 m area” or left or right of the track, you are not turning back into the tollerance area where you left that area or before, you will be disqualified for this day. Tracks are up- and downloaded every evening for next day. Manned checkpoints must be reached in driving direction when entering the “man’s sight-field”, otherwise racer is disqualified for that race-day. Garmin GPS can NOT be rented from organizers.


Evaluation :Best time wins. Total time will show, but day time differences to first of each day will matter. First gets 0 time, others the difference to first. Winner will be who will have smallest time difference to 0. The worst day will be cancelled at end of race. A second day disqualification takes the racer out of the race qualification.


Team start : NO – pilots who want to go in team, may just stick together – or not. Individual evaluation!


General rules : 


o. WE DO NOT ALLOW SPORT EXHAUSTS (=aftermarket exhausts). If you don’t want to put the original exhaust on your vehicle, DO NOT COME!

1. there is NO disqualification except:
a. for not respecting orders given by organizers.
b. for not helping each other in case of accidents. IT IS NECESSARY: each racer HAS to stop and ask if the casualty (the person who is in case of need) is ok. If help is needed, you have to help and call for help. Helping time will show as standing time on GPS and will be subtracted. ATTENTION: people in state of shock use to deny the necessary aid. You have to verify the physical integrity of the person who might be in case of need.
c. for incorrect or unfair behavior towards other people, hikers, race organizers or any other individuals.
d. for irregular trash disposal. ANY kind of trash HAS TO BE trashed into special bags or cans.
e. for racing without mandatory safety equipment: helmet, chest-, elbow, knee-, foot protector, gloves, googles.
f. the worst day of each racer/team in all classes will be cancelled at end of race-event and before final results are done.
2. ADVENTURE riders MUST slow down to max 50 km/h in villages, from first house of village to last house of village near road. 1h penalty for speeding. Slow down near animals, especially near horses or when passing or crossing horse wagons. Speed checked by police or by organizers. 1 h penalty if caught.
3. Each race-day ends at an indicated hour in the afternoon, specified during start-briefing in the morning. Distance done in EXTREME and CROSSOVER or taken “wolfs” in ADVENTURE after the indicated hour will not be considerate anymore. CROSSOVER and EXTREME riders will be taken from the track by organizers when finishing the track would not be possible anymore during permitted race-time. If taken from track, this day will show as day-disqualification. Essential: after daily official race-end pilots must leave the track and take the easiest and fastest way home along the “escape lines”.
4a. No change of vehicle allowed during racing days. Repairs can be done anytime, but no stop time given for repairs. Whenever the organizers are called for any kind of emergency (mechanical or medical) the day race ends for the person needing emergency. Organizers will recover broken down vehicles only AFTER every official race day end, and even if the organizers repair a broken vehicle along the track, the racer is not allowed to end the race this day.
4b. At HUNT-THE-WOLF only hours and minutes are considered for the results. Only at the testround seconds are counted; time taken there is good for start 1st day only. .
4c. Whoever drives on any of the ski-slopes will be immediately disqualified!


Additional rules :

1. The race-day ends by time-finish (daily race time over), at finish line or the minute GPS is given to organizer in race-office. Finish must be reached by own ATV.
2. Who races with more than one GPS has to declare this to the organizers. IF the first GPS will fail, the second one will not be taken into consideration if not declared at start. All GPS-devices must be given to the organizers IMMEDIATELY at the FINISH, even before changing clothes. Otherwise it counts the time of handing over the GPS.
3. If the GPS fails or gets broke, then at least 1 witness is needed to confirm the common reaching of further checkpoints, proofed by 1 working GPS minimum. Condition: lost GPS must be announced at first manned checkpoint.